Consolidating call centers

Delivering business as usual activities can become a major problem.

As well as affecting day-to-day operations these changes can force you to re think your road map in order to obtain the best out of your new consolidated resources.

Often new centers are established with little thought as to their fit and function within the enterprise or without consideration of possible redundancies which may have been eliminated or economies of scale which might have been achieved through integrated planning.

The unfortunate result for many companies has been wasted resources and dollars and replicated facilities and technology platforms.

This assessment yields an objective baseline of clients’ current operating environments and allows us to develop action plans that target personnel resources, potential technology enhancements, and facilities-related issues.

We incorporate the financial impacts of these action plans into a consolidation business case that provides the foundation for future initiatives, allowing the client to realistically forecast the financial benefits of the consolidation as well as systematically track and measure the success, in terms of key financial and other metrics, of each initiative associated with the consolidation.

Technology: Retaining the best technology support framework giving you the tools and applications your business requires Process: Standardizing processes by implementing best practice and improving efficiency People: Ensuring the availability of staff with appropriate training and experience both for the consolidation and business as usual operations Most business do not have experience of managing large-scale change.

We can collaborate with you for all aspects of Call Center consolidation and the migration of processes, staff, functions, and technology.The impact of this is that many Contact Centers are in a constant state of change in order to keep pace with business restructuring.This puts additional pressure on management and IT resources which are already stretched.It is important to be specific regarding the difference between operating savings and operational savings.The COA and resulting business case focus on operating costs related to the amount a client is spending for personnel, technology, and facilities.

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After all, resource costs represent between 60% and 70% of a typical contact center operations budget.

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